Palladium Köln, 11.-13.10.2019

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MSB-Spirits cvba

MSB-Spirits cvba

Once in a while, the stars line-up to create the perfect storm. The time had come to break with rum conventions and truly push the boundaries. It took us 3 years to craft our 888 HighSeas Blend. Substance before form is our credo, back-to-basic to be avant-garde. Guided by our principle A POSSE AD ESSE, we set out to make the impossible possible. Fortunately, we were able to enlist the support of some of the most prestigious and passionate blenders in the field, who tackled the challenge with relentless dedication and idealism.

Präsentierte Produkte:
- Rum


Präsentierte Marken

Marlin Spike

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Cooking&More GmbH

Aromas of Mexico

Sin-Gold Brand